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we must be nothing

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If you wanna try, if you wanna try
There’s no worse you could do, uh oh oh
I know you lie, all you do is make me cry
And all those words, they ain’t true

I can’t take me anywhere
I can’t take you anywhere
You can’t take me anywhere
Well, I won’t take you anywhere
I take you anywhere you want to go, oh

You can’t stand me now

The Libertines :: Can’t Stand Me Now

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Nothing can come between You and I

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call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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'The 8th Fold' - The New York International Fringe Festival by The 8th Fold — Kickstarter

Hey everyone!!

Please take the time to watch this video, it’s about an absolutely phenomenal musical by an extraordinarily talented production team and cast.

It’s all about loss, death and based around 9/11.

The team are currently trying to raise enough money to take it from the UK to the New York international fringe festival in the summer, and only have 30 days to raise the funds.

If you cannot give anything, please please watch the video anyway because it’s amazing and please share!!

Thank you!